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Hello, my name is Henry. I graduated from FPT University and major in Software Engineer. I have 6 years of experience as a program developer and business analysis position. At first, I was mainly responsible for researching and developing the company's software projects. With the business requirements, began to concurrently serve as business analysis things. Gradually participate in demand inspiration, responsible for in-depth analysis of customer requirements, comprehensive requirements and transfer tasks to programmers. After running in the position and the time of the company I started, I now have strong professional ability, professional knowledge is very solid, dare to innovate, and constantly strive for excellence; I have strong endurance, willpower and hard-working quality. Responsible for work, proactive, optimistic and persistent, dare to face difficulties and challenges. At the same time, they have a certain degree of communication skills and can carry out general oral communication.
I am enthusiastic, easy-going, lively and cheerful, enterprising and team spirit, and have strong hands-on potential. Good coordination and communication potential, strong adaptability, quick response, careful and flexible, with necessary social interaction potential. So I need to find a job related to my own knowledge structure to show my potential. In my study, I focus on the combination of theory and practice, and I have considerable practical potential. A strong sense of professionalism and responsibility enables me to deal with any difficulties and challenges.

My Services

Software Engineer

I have been working on full-stack developer for years, with following languages and technologies: ASP.NET, SQL Server, node.js, HTML5, AI/ML, etc.

Business Analyst

I have been working on business analyst for years, with various domains in education, management software, social network, manufacturing, etc.

Product Manager

I had been participate in startup projects as product manager role. Besides, I also play the role of project manager in outsourcing projects.


My teams take on the development of outsourcing projects, with diverse platforms from web to mobile application.


  • Web Developer: ASP.NET, HTML5/CSS/Java Script, node.js, etc.



  • Coaching / Mentoring


  • Arterial Language - Vietnamese

  • Chinese

  • English

  • Japanese


  • Working History

  • BA/PM - CPTech

    2019 - Present

    Acting as BA for projects such as Riviu social network, internal projects of Cho Lon Dien May, and outsourcing projects. At the same time, building a project management process for enterprises, using Scrum and agile software development techniques.

  • Director - Cactus Software Solutions

    2016 - Present

    Establishing a business with a partner. Developing projects for small and medium enterprises, with partners in diverse industries, such as education, e-commerce, production line management, website, etc.

  • Lead Developer - Invedia

    2015 - 2016

    Main responsibilities included: Meeting client for brief, project presentation and retention; Business Analysis and manage the project; follow up and support developers during the whole project life-cycle; Deliver project to strict deadlines.

  • Software Developer - Designveloper


    Main responsibilities also include: Develop and upgrade components for web application; Building wireframes, mockups and UI elements; Upgrade the performance and tracking the web application.

  • Education History

  • FPT School of Business


    Master of Software Engineering, with major in IoT, Big Data and AI.

  • FPT University


    B.S of Software Engineer - FPT University - Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam.



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